Nickelodeon / Silly Walks studio

Tennis the good boy. Short Film. 

Tennis the dog must prove himself after he becomes a boy in an accident with a tennis ball and radioactive wienermobile.

Created by Ronald Stanage & Andres Parada.


Production: Martín Martínez, Josep Baño.
Layouts: Alberto Gil.
Lead Animator: Josep Baño.
Animators: Santi Riscos, Fran Puerto, Martín Martínez, Alberto Gil.
Lead Clean up: Martín Martínez. 
Clean up: David Orellana, Alba Ballesta, Mario Ceballos, Josep Baño, Javier Sanchez.
Compositing/FX: Alberto Gil, Josep Baño. 
Characters desing: Javier Sanchez.
Brackgrounds: Martín Martínez.




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