Trident Management / Silly Walks studio

Lorenzo Live 2018. Short Film. 

We had the pleasure to make the animated Intro for LORENZO LIVE 2018 concerts.

Created by Manuele Fior.


Concept Direction Illustrations
Manuele Fior
Creative Producer
Carlo Zoratti

Brought to life by
Silly Walks studio 

Direction: Silly Walks studio. 
Production: Martín Martínez, Josep Baño
Account Manager: Javier Gimenez
Storyboard and Animatic: Javier Sanchez, Josep Baño
Layout: Alberto Gil
Backgrounds: Martín Martínez
Animation: Nacho Rodriguez, Alberto Gil, Josep Baño, Javier Sanchez, 
Alberto Sanz, Martín Martínez.
Fx Animation: Alberto gil, David Orellana, Alba Ballesta, Josep Baño
Clean Up Lead: Martín Martínez
Clean Up Artists: David Orellana, Alba Ballesta, Alberto Sanz, Javier Sanchez
Compositing Lead: Alberto Gil
Compositing: Mario Ceballos
Editing: Alberto Gil

Sound Design and Mixing
Lorenzo Giulio Massimo Dal Ri Ri

A production by
Trident Management for “Lorenzo Live 2018”

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